Medical Treatments

Medical Tourism in India is one of the booming segments owing to the presence of specialized professionals, advanced infrastructure, highly sophisticated medical equipments and fractional cost.

ACL Surgery

USD 4,200 onwards

Acoustic neuroma

USD 3000 onwards

Acute Myeloid Leukemia

USD 30,000 onwards


USD 5,000 onwards


USD 30,00,000 onwards

Aneurysm repair

USD 12,000 onwards

Aplastic Anemia

USD 9000 onwards


USD 5,500 onwards

ASD Repair

USD 4,500 onwards

Balloon Valvotomy

USD 4,500 onwards

Bladder Cancer

USD 10,000 onwards


USD 6,200 onwards

Bone cancer

USD 7200 onwards

Bone Marrow Transplant

USD 28,000 onwards

Breast Augmentation

USD 4,300 onwards

Breast Cancer Treatment

USD 1523 onwards

Breast Reduction

USD 3,800 onwards

Cataract Surgery

USD 542 onwards

Cervical Cancer

USD 291 onwards

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