Ambulance Service

Need an emergency airlift for a critical patient?

Book Air Ambulance gets priority for take-off and landing at most airports

Air Charter Ambulance

Getting health treatments from India's best hospitals is no more a difficult task. We take you to the hospital even in the most critical situation. Just book our Charter air ambulance service and we will come with everything you need for your faster and safe journey to the hospital.

Commercial Air Ambulance

Book your commercial air ambulance with to get a relaxed and speedier journey for your loved ones. It delivers advanced, economical-friendly, and professional air ambulance services to our patients across the country. We have helped thousands of people.

Several people in India don’t get medical attention within the golden hour which is very crucial in saving lives. Apollo’s air ambulance service will address the emergency medical needs of people who are on the outskirts and far from the city limits. The services will be extended to several smaller cities and towns like Madurai, Mysore, Kakinada, Karaikudi, Karur, Trichy and Vizag through its current hubs in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Safety is our major commitment while taking to your hospital or house.

Reach the Destination Quickly

Making journeys faster than ever with our Air ambulance services in India.

Experts Assistance

Our expert doctors and services-like-hospital never make you pain while travelling.

No Life Lose In the Journey

We haven’t lost any lives in the middle of the journey and are expecting it not to happen in the future.

Bed-To-Bed Transfer

We offer Bed-to-bed transfer where patients are transferred from their bed to another hospital bed.

Claim Insurance

With insurance, you can claim the amount from your insurance Company.

Why Choose Us

Airport Transfers

Emergency airport to airport transfers of patients with cashless critical illness cover.

Organ Transport

Life-saving organ transportation & medicines transportation.

Doctor Transports

Transporting expert doctors to small towns & cities.

Mortal Transport

Transporting mortal remains respectfully (coffin transportation).

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