Train Ambulance Services for Emergency

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Train Ambulance

Medical Team

Our medical team consists of emergency specialist doctor and an expert paramedic will escort the patient in the complete journey.

Medical Equipments

Our medical team will be carrying all the life support equipments like Oxygen Cylinders, Ventilators, monitor, Suction machine, Syringe pump, Infusion pumps, Nebulizer, Emergency medical kit and etc.

Booking information

We require 24 hours to 36 hours prior notification to arrange all the transportation requirements including the train booking. Two patient attendants can travel along with patients. Booking is subject to train and seat availability.

Shifting a sick patient from one Hospital to another Hospital by first class AC train ambulance/ rail ambulance and we believe in providing top quality medical services. Train travel provides an arrangement for a hassle free environment and a pleasant travel which is most needed services for the patient. We provide train ambulances across India by covering all the cities.
Road Ambulance

Services offered - EMT Doctors, Ventilators, Oxygen Concentrator, Paramedic, etc 24/7 command center

Bed-To-Bed Transfer

We offer Bed-to-bed transfer where patients are transferred from their bed to another hospital bed.

Ticket Preference - 2nd AC

Services offered - Oxygen Concentrator, Paramedic

Ticket Preference - 1st AC

Services offered - Doctor, Ventilators, Succession Pump, Oxygen Concentrator, Paramedic, etc

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