Peak Climbing in India

"Mountains are beginning and the end of all natural scenery," say's the John Ruskin. The delight of climbing high peaks and mountains is a resplendent experience of a lifetime. If planning a trip to experience the best of mountains then look further land on the foothills of Himalaya, mainly India. India tourism offers an imperative array of mountaineering opportunities for the peak climbers. Apart from the excitement and challenges thrown up by the terrain, picturesque surroundings and pleasant weather make India's peak climbing a popular activity.

Himalaya is the official abode of climbers that are nestled not only in India but across the world. Beauty, wilderness and roughness of the Himalaya act as an attraction for many of the mountaineers and climbers to encompass its beauty. Himalaya welcomes everyone with open arms. Even on an international platform, peak climbing can be best enjoyed on sharply perpendicular slopes of Himalaya.

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Peak Climbing
Manali Peak Expedition
Nights - 12 Days
Peak Climbing